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Robert von Heeren points at a natal chart Robert von Heeren points to a horoscope My knowledge of astrology has grown through intensive self-taught study of almost every major modern and classical astrological discipline. I draw creatively from this fund, whether it is articles, horoscope interpretations, courses or lectures. I attach great importance to the fact that my interpretations are derivable from astronomical, mythological or philosophical approaches.
I do not fixate one-sidedly on a special direction of interpretation („school“), but always find a fresh, individual and lively approach in the interpretation of a horoscope and the explanation of astrological facts. I also use interdisciplinary expertise from other areas in which I am qualified, for example, as a state-certified music teacher, programmer and web consultant.
Numerous publications in Germany and abroad, on and offline, on topics such as new planets, Chiron, Pholus, Nessus and other centaurs, cycles, cycloscopes, etc., show my great interest in new discoveries, exciting developments and basic astrological research.
As an astrology author, consultant and lecturer with 25 years of experience, I offer:

Personal verbal (not in writing) natal chart (horoscope) consultations:

Note: All consultations and workshops are possible online e.g. via Skype or other online meeting tools. Prerequisites are a stable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth (due to video transmission), bidirectional video transmission (necessary) and the possibility of screen sharing. We can arrange and perform a connection test free of charge before the appointment. I do not offer a pure telephone consultation (audio only). Please see the general information and important notes about my astrology sessions / horoscope discussions and the requirements.

Astrology lessons for beginners and advanced:

You want to learn serious astrological interpretation of a horoscope? I offer you sound, clear and individual lessons (individually or in small groups). Depending on how much time you can invest per month, you will have learned the basics of modern psychological-philosophical astrology in about one year. No previous knowledge is necessary. The curriculum includes, for example:

For Beginners:

For advanced learners:

Special requests by arrangement possible. Schedule flexible, but please as regular as possible. Präsenz and/or online lessons. If you have any questions or would like an individual offer, please contact us by phone or e-mail: see Imprint and Contact. Currently there are still places available! But I have only limited capacity.

Professional calculation service:

Astrology speeches and workshops online:

Possible topics are for example:

More information and dates on request.
My horoscope data see: Astrodatabase/wiki by Astrodienst, Zurich, Switzerland


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